This is my reply to Prompt #1‘s A sibling rivalry turn into a fight. I hope you enjoy!

“I can’t believe Cadence asked you for your number”

Iris beamed at Junior’s statement. While sure, the surprise in his cousin’s tone should have upset Iris due to lack of faith in his ability to speak to the fairer sex, he couldn’t entirely blame him.

Which was why Iris decided to accept those words as a compliment, “I can’t believe it either. Though granted it’s because we are working on a project together for our lit class.”

The astonishment vanished from the tall male’s dark eyes as he then focused them on the sidewalk, “Ah I see…”

Iris didn’t pay mind the quick transition of feelings that his cousin went through, instead he focused on the positives of the situation, “It’s a step in the right direction.”

“Pfft, I wouldn’t think too much of it.” Chirped in a third voice. Rose.

“Can’t you be happy for me, for once?” Iris asked as his hazel eyes glanced over at his unusually quiet twin sibling.

“Uh I fucking would if you didn’t try to brag about getting some chick’s number.” Rose scoffed in reply.

Iris did his best to hold back the frustration that was building up inside of him. Whenever something, anything seemed to benefit him, his sister always was there to ruin or take away whatever it was. This time, she was robbing his feeling of accomplishment.

There had to be something he could do to remedy the situation, “Well… I don’t see you talking about getting any uh… digits as people call them.” He wavered a bit towards the end, but he did his best to put some aggression in his tone.

Rose rolled her eyes at her brother’s statement, ignoring the way Junior shook his head at the blossoming argument between the siblings.

Rose’s lips then curved into a smirk as she came up with a proper rebuttal, “That’s because I don’t brag about them. However if you must know. I have plenty of phone numbers from both girls and guys.” She then sped up her pace, moving ahead of Iris so she could properly stop him in his tracks, standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.

She then lifted her right hand, jabbing at Iris in the chest as she spoke up once more, “And I’ll do you one better. This time tomorrow. I’ll have your cute little Cadence’s number in my phone and perhaps a nude too if I’m feeling naughty.”

Both boys raised their brows at Rose’s challenge, even more so at the later half. Though Iris’s expression revealed more disgust than shock by then, “Excuse me?”

“Did I fucking stutter?” Rose prompted while jabbing that same finger at Iris’s chest.

Iris felt heat boil up inside of him. Anger, disgust, jealousy, and disbelief all mixing within his very being, “Cadence is not some toy. She’s a human being.”

Rose scoffed at Iris’s words, ignoring the way his eyes narrowed down at her in a glare. Though she could see his fists ball up instinctively. She was actually riling him up. The thought both shocked and pleased her.

So pleased that she actually stepped aside, “Fine, then I wish you luck with getting any further with her. I have bigger fish to fry anyway.”

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