Mother’s Looks

Here is a rather short response to Prompt #2‘s Things Aren’t Always What They Seem. 

“I swear Rose, your mother is always sooooo cheerful and beautiful. Like, how does she do it?”

Rose tried to hide the proud grin from her lips while sipping from her medium sized latte, but her hazel eyes gave away her poker face.

In all honesty, Rose needed those few moments to gather her thoughts to properly think of an answer. She was unsure whether to use her retort as a way to be witty or sincere. Social interactions with these so called ‘friends‘ were always a bit tedious. After all it was difficult for Rose to sincerely open up to anyone, especially her schoolmates since they were for the most part, mere pawns that she could use to climb her way up the social ladder. Survival of the fittest.

After what felt like an eternity, Rose finally reached a conclusion and placed her cup down, “It’s just good genetics. That and winners never have a reason to feel or look down anyway.”

That answer earned her a few chuckles from her fellow soccer teammates in the cafeteria. A few more points to add in her imaginary scoreboard.

“Too bad you didn’t fully inherit her good looks.”

Well okay, not everyone was satisfied with her answer.

This time Rose didn’t bother trying to hide her emotions as she narrowed her eyes at the girl who spoke up. A pretty brunette who had a pair of dangerously deep blue eyes. Though the glare that Rose had shot her only lasted for mere seconds before she flashed the girl a playful grin,”Naturally I needed some average traits to balance out my badassery. I don’t think the world could handle me if I looked like her.”

Once again, more sounds of approval echoed in the cafeteria table. Highschool was merely a game that Rose enjoyed playing and damn did she play well.

The spotlight eventually moved away from her as the topics discussed over lunch shifted and changed. And as the topics drifted away, so did Rose’s attention to the conversation.

If it wasn’t for the fact that most of the girls at her table were on the higher side of the popularity chart or if they weren’t decent soccer players, Rose would have ditched them a long time ago. They weren’t the sharpest tools in the toolbox and honestly they were so predictable. She thought back to their comment on her mother and realized how superficial they behaved and viewed the world.

Like did they really believe that her mother was all sunshine and rainbows? Did they not realize that behind some of her mother’s wide red lipsticked smiles, there was a deep pain that lingered in her heart? While Rose supposed she couldn’t blame her group for being so clueless, the fact irked her all the same. On the surface her mother was exactly as she appeared. A perfect milf that ran her own flower shoppe and looked gorgeous while doing it. The reality was that she was a widow who was still mourning the death of her other half. Her knight in shining armor. Her Rei.

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