I dislike posting these up late, but here is my old response to Prompt #3‘s Describe Red, Green & Blue to Someone Who Has Never Seen Color. I hope you enjoy!

“You have blue hair”

“And you have purple hair little knight”

The purple haired seven year old frowned at his Uncle Magic’s answer. But soon enough the older male spoke up, playfully ruffling the young boy’s hair before leaning forward in his seat, resting his hands onto his thighs.

“My hair represents my element of water. You remember that I used to be a dragon right? A water breathing dragon who was bigger than this house.”

The young boy and the pair of six year old twins sitting on the couch across from the adult leaned forward as well. Their interest peaked.

“Your hair young Salazar is a representative of your ghostly heritage. Your mother may be a spitfire by nature but both her and your father are natural ghosts.”

“What about my hair?!” The brown haired girl demanded as she swung her legs back and forth from where she sat

“Well my dear, your father did have the earthy brown stripes on his form. It’s his gift for you and your brother. They hide your true elements of electricity and fire that burns in your veins. That is why you are blonde like the queen when you transform. Your most powerful forms” Magic answered, making the twins grin at his answer.

The purple haired boy then piped up once more,”Charlie has red hair, but mom’s hair is blonde. They both use fire.”

Magic laughed at the question, but he was quick to satisfy his curious audience,”That is because your mother is royalty my little knight. Golden hair to match her high rank and grace. Yellow also burns hotter than red.”

This extra piece of information made the trio of children grin with glee.

“So uh Ivy has green hair because she’s good with nature right?” The male twin asked, finally speaking up.

“Precisely! You are a smart one kiddo!” Magic beamed at the shy child of the bunch, he playfully reached over and used his arm to ruffle the boy’s brown hair.

“We may be in this human world, but the colorful roots of our hair are a reminder of our true roots.” The man then stood up, glancing over at the clock on the wall before turning his attention back on the children,”So how about we go out for some ice cream? I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Soon enough the four left the building.

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