Here’s my character exploration piece that was inspired by Prompt #4.

Being apart of a set was frustrating.

Luckily she was a fraternal twin, but she lived the life of a twin nonetheless.

As Rose thought about her childhood years. She remembered the matching outfits that her mom would purchase for her and her slightly older brother. They would always match. The only times they wouldn’t would be when her mom would put her in dresses and then her brother would wear a matching color polo shirt, but that was enough of an indicator for most people that they were different. Not the same.

It was now that they were older, now that they could buy their own wardrobe and express their own unique selves that being a twin wasn’t so annoying.

She had her reds, burgundys, and oranges, while her brother rocked earth-tones and nerdy shirts from shows and books he enjoyed. They still got stopped every once in a while whenever together, one can’t exactly fully escape that twin life. But at least no one could mistake her for Iris or vice versa.

And then… And then…

And then there were times that Rose loved being a twin.

While she barely ever expresses this fact to her brother, she loves him. She loves the fact that there are rare times that they are both in sync. That despite being across the room from one another, a single glance could mean an entire conversation. There are times when her mother refers them as her precious bouquet or her darling flowers, Rose can’t help but form her lips into a fond smile.

As much as she hated to admit it at times, she cared for her brother.

She just wanted him to become stronger, tougher, and independent. She wanted him to appreciate his unique set of skills and use them. She needed him to be his own man or person or whatever title he preferred.

Just like she forced her way out of being a set by constantly nagging at their mom about buying her own clothes. Iris needed to get out of his introverted and shy shell and go out in the world. Make his mark on the world.

They were a set. Not a perfectly identical set. But a set all the same.

It was a lifestyle Rose didn’t choose for herself.

Her hazel eyes gazed at her reflection. Her hand steady as she applied the black eyeliner over her lid.

Rose knew that as she got older and eventually graduated high school. Her and her brother would probably continue drifting further away from each other. Puberty already made their similar appearances a bit more distinct and depending on what colleges they picked out for themselves, distance would also force them to slowly but surely create their own identities.

The fact excited her but also gave a sharp pain to her heart.

Rose hated being apart of a set.

But she loved her brother.

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