5 Creative Ways to Tackle Prompts

It’s that time of the week again. You read over the prompts and it’s time to work your magic. Issue is, you have no clue as to how you want to handle the prompt of the week. Do you want to write a short story like everyone else has been doing? Or do you want to go against the flow and do something a bit more… Creative. If you want to go that extra mile, here are five different ways to do your prompts.

1. Draw

You can go digital, you can go traditional. You can stick with a pencil and paper, or you can go all out by using a thick multi-media paper with your Copics and watercolors. There are so many ways you can express yourself through drawing that it is simply amazing. While sketching could essentially take hours, you can do a few figure drawings that may have inspired by the prompt or do a quick doodle that simply expresses the scene the prompt made you think of. Just don’t forget to set a timer up before your pencil hits the page so you don’t get so entranced in your work that you lose track of time!

2. Sculpt

If you have clay at home or are fortunate enough to have a 3D modeling software such as Maya, then feel free to sculpt and create something three-dimensional. Perhaps the prompt makes you think of a character or inspires a new piece of jewelry. Similar to drawing, this kind of activity is time-consuming and it’s easy for those 15 minutes to vanish in a heartbeat. However for those who want a challenge this may be right up your alley.

3. Music

If after reading a prompt, it makes you think of a song, then perhaps take the time to sing it. Songs usually last three to five minutes so by doing this, you can perform the song at least three times. Perhaps the first time you sing it as an alto the next time as a soprano. Or perhaps your skills come in writing song lyrics, then go for it! You can even try to compose a simple rough melody if your talents lie in playing a musical instrument instead. Either way, music is good for the soul so it can be good for the prompts too.

4. Video

With the rise of Youtube, Vine, and SnapChat, the process of making videos has become easier and mainstream. If the prompt reminds you of a funny story that happened to you long ago, perhaps you can Vlog it for that fifteen minute period. Or perhaps it creates a cute and funny scene in your mind so you decide to try to do a quick stop motion video with objects lying around your house. While editing and composing all your clips could take an eternity, that’s why you just should focus on actually filming and shooting as opposed to adding in effects or cutting the video just right.

5. Nail Art

Personally, I may be a bit biased when it comes to this suggestion. I have a ton of nail polish at home and am constantly attempting to figure out what I’m going to do with my nails every two weeks when my current color is chipping away into nothingness. Maybe there’s a prompt that relates to color and that makes you think of a new shade of nail polish to use, or it inspires you to create a simple yet sleek design on your nails. If your nails aren’t long enough, perhaps you can get a sibling or a friend to be your nail model for  15 minutes. Remember to take pictures of your work or have someone take pictures for you if your nails are wet.

While I have listed 5 ways to be creative with your prompts, I’m sure there are many more ways to handle them. If you are feeling particularly bold, feel free to leave a comment on another method to handle the 15 Minute Prompts. If the suggestion sticks, then I’ll be sure to mention your method in a future post!

Till then, stay creative mis amigos!



2 thoughts on “5 Creative Ways to Tackle Prompts

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