Five… Four… Three… Two… One…


Rune grinned, picking up the vibrating cell phone in his back pocket before thumbing over the green ‘answer’ button on the screen and lifting the device close to his ear.


The high pitched squeak full of anger and sprinkled with embarrisment was music to the blond teen’s ears.

“Yessss dear sister of mine?” Rune made sure to emphasize on the word ‘sister’, letting that word drip like molasses across the phone line and directly into his sibling’s ear.

“You know I had plans tonight! I. Had. Plans!”

It was great, everything was exactly like he had planned, “Oh fuck. It completely slipped my mind. I’m soo sorry for ruining those plans for you. Is there anything I could do to make it better?” Sarcasm was evident in Rune’s tone of voice, but if that was not enough, the guy did release a chuckle inbetween breaths.

“This is not funny Rose!”

“Rune” The teen corrected.

Whatever! Just change back so I can at least get there before the movie starts!”

Rune chuckled, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Rune listened as his twin sucked in a deep breath, he could almost see the frustration that was probably building up within his sibling. This was too much fun just to end it now.

“Unless of course you’d be willing to do me one tiny little favor?”

Rune grinned as a groan could be heard on the other line, “Seriously?! Come on Rose! Stop being a jerk and change back!”

“It’s Rune sweetie.”

“I don’t really care right now.”

“Ow, my feelings.”

“What feelings?! You don’t have any! Change! Now!”

“Take my morning shift tomorrow sis?” Rune purred into the phone.

That’s what this is about?”

Rune grinned, looking into his reflection in his bedroom mirror before nodding, “Yup. Take it or leave it dork.”

“Fine fine, just change okay?”

“Perfect. You have two minutes.”

With that being said, Rune pressed against the ‘end call’ button.

He honestly felt bad for his peers. Those who weren’t blessed to have such amazing abilities like himself. He then felt two times worse for those who had powers but never bothered to utilize them like he just did.

If only his sibling could see the benefits of having a double persona as opposed to thinking of this gift as a curse.

But oh well. Rune supposed if Iris did start changing the way he thought about their transformations, then he wouldn’t be able to pull such clever schemes.

“Such a pity” Rune commented before shutting his bright emerald eyes, feeling his powers activate deep within his body. The warm and surreal feeling of his body shifting and changing to his true form always brought a smile to his lips.

This gift certainly was not a curse.

It allowed him- no her- to play the role of a villain and a hero all at the same time.

Rose sat up on her mattress, reveling in the appearance of her true form. Then with a girlish laugh she picked up her phone and dialed her friend’s number, “Hey girl. So I’ll be free tomorrow morning. Pick me up at 8.”

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