Time was running out.

Iris needed to make this delivery. Pronto.

He made a sharp turn and beckoned for his loyal steed to go far, using his legs with full force as his surrounding began to blur.

Time was running out.

Iris felt the cool breeze slashing against his skin, the sounds of wild creatures screeching and growling at him as he made his way through the wilderness.

He felt so small in this vast world, a teen and his loyal steed against the massive bulky creature with glowing eyes.

The only consolation he had was that while the creatures were held back by rules and regulations, he was free.

Free to go as fast as he pleased.

Or at least as fast as he could make his companion go.
The scent of the package wafted towards his nostrils, they were still fresh.

There was still some time.

However he couldn’t slack off. Not for a minute, not for a moment, not even for a second.

He had a delivery to do.

His family back at home counted on him.

Him, the lowly adventuerer. The one who still did not know whether he wanted to purse magic, stealth, speed, or strength. One who still was unsure of whether he wanted to be a knight in shinning armor or a bounty hunter who only worked for the highest bidder. He was still so young with the world spread out in front of him. Opportunities left and right.

Iris grinned at the prospect of growth.

But then he frowned as he realized he was losing track of the real goal. His mission.

In order to become something, he needed to focus on his given tasks and complete them first.

He turned once more, his companion screeched in protest as they did.

Five more minutes. He needed about five more minutes.

Left, right, straight straight. It was as if he was doing some sort of complex move, but nay he was simply getting closer and closer to his destination.

This was his life.

Or at least a chapter of it.

A final screech and the world around him began to sharpen as Iris practically leapt up from his bike. His companion.

The ‘wild beasts’ from before shifted into cars of all shapes and sizes and the fantasy grassy landscape that Iris brought up in his imagination turned into the concrete jungle that he was oh too familiar with. His footsteps were quick and light as he clutched the tightly wrapped bouquet of flowers that were specially prepared for Ms. Litman.

With a practiced grin that was partially nervous but mostly excited, Iris pressed his finger against the doorbell of the two story apartment.

In minutes, a middle-aged woman approached the door. On her hip she held a two year old infant while an older child could be seen peering curiously at him from down the hallway.

“Ms. Litman?”

The woman slowly nodded, her tired features slowly were starting to fade away as her brown eyes landed on the flowers clutched within his grasp.

“Happy Birthday! Your husband sends his love and these flowers.”

Graciously the woman reached forward with her free hand, taking hold of the bouquet of roses and irises while her lips finally curved into a smile. It was beautiful.

“Thank you.”

The woman’s voice was breathless, the stunned look of pure joy remained in her eyes as she took a better look at the gift presented to her.

It was moments like this. Fleeting moments of joy that made this job worthwhile.

He took a few more moments, waiting for surprise to settle down in his client before speaking up once more again, “Don’t forget to enjoy a slice of cake on your birthday and to read the card that came with the flowers. Enjoy your special day.”

With that Iris turned to leave.

While he was no mage, rouge, or warrior, the reality was that being a humble delivery boy wasn’t all that bad.

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