Iris hesitated.

The teen sucked in a deep breath and reminded himself that as a knight in the making, he needed to step up his game. He needed to do this. Not only for himself but for her.

He hesitated once again.

Why couldn’t he do this? It was a deceptively simple task. Sending a single message. One about cooperating and working as a team. They needed to communicate. They needed to meet up and discuss their plans.

His thumb pressed against the empty text box, the digital keyboard taking no time to scroll up. It began to wait for Iris to type.

Iris hesitated.

What should he say? Was it a bit too desperate if he messaged her immediately after class? A mere five minutes after she granted him his number? Did he need to wait until school was officially over until he texted her?

Or perhaps it was best to suggest meeting up while the project was freshest on their minds? What if today was the only day of the week the cheerleader was free? If he waited till after the last school bell rang throughout the building, what if it was too late?

He was doomed.

Worry washed over him, he began to feel that all too familiar panicked sweat bubble deep within him. He took in another deep breath.

He was a valiant knight. He was Sir Iris Trovão.

the brave.

He was being such a coward.

It was a simple message.

It was one measly question.

He could do this.

Or at least any man worth their salt could. Hell any person could write up a one sentence question. How could he ever consider himself any better than an average citizen if he couldn’t step up to the plate?

Iris glanced up from the digital screen, it was carefully hidden away from his literature teacher’s sight behind a notebook.

His hazel eyes then zoomed in on the empty text box once more while his thumbs began to warily press the keys.

Want to meet up after school?

Was that too direct?

Want to meet up after school to work on our project?

Okay that was a little better, he cleared up what his intentions were instead of randomly just asking a cute girl to meet up and ‘hang out’.

Though looking over the message… Was he perhaps too grammatically correct? He usually wrote properly in messages, but was that what others did in the higher social rankings of the school?

Wanna meet up after school 2 work on our project

A question mark or no question mark, that was the question.

Iris couldn’t help but inwardly and outwardly smile a bit at that minor dilemma.

That smile eased into a mirthful grin as his thumb hovered over the bright green ‘SEND’ button. It was all he had to do to complete his current quest.

Though the other looming question remained.

Was it too soon?

Doing it now would be like ripping off a band-aid. He would get it over with and then never have to worry about dealing with it until she replied.

Though if it was too soon?

Well, she had to work with him regardless right? It didn’t matter if she thought he was too desperate.

People thought he was a nerd anyway. It wouldn’t be too strange if he wanted to get started on the project right away for the sake of good grades.


That was reassuring. He now had an excuse. A reason. An explanation if she decided to confront him about how desperate he seemed.

Iris sent the message.

In a matter of seconds, he received.


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