The clock struck sixteen times in the cold and dimly lit room. Silently the five brave teens of various backgrounds entered the basement, all of them clutching their weapons and equipment of choice in their arms or strapped on their backs. It had been a rough day, the longest and most tiresome of days with the usual villains of their life breathing down their necks. Waiting for them to fall and fail.

Now they were theoretically in their safe haven. Though it wouldn’t stay that way for long.

At least that was the fate of four of the five occupants of the room.

Iris licked his chapped lips and rolled the ultimate weapons in the room within the palm of his hand, “Shall we begin?” He asked, forcing his voice to be an octave lower to sound more menacing and perhaps even mysterious and daunting for the others.

“Yes, we are.” The white mage replied, flashing Iris a grin as if he was the most charismatic bard in the land. But alas, Aaron had no musical talent to showcase.

Iris nodded, watching as his friends -no victims- sat down in their seats. They all were away from him.

“When do we start gambling and winning money?”

The ceiling lights suddenly filled the previously dimly lit room with light. It caused the males of the room to whine and shield their eyes while Rose rolled her own hazel eyes and used her fingers to lower the intensity of the basement light.

“Well nerds? You chumps must be doing some sort of gambling to afford your geeky-ass hobbies and shit.” Rose continued, prowling through the room as if she owned it, pulling one of the unoccupied chairs and then proceeded to sit in it as if she was invited.

“We are playing D&D. The dice are for judging whether maneuvers and feats are successful or not. So if you don’t want to pla-”

“Ugh, fine. So no money. Just gimme a sheet and some die.”

Iris didn’t bother arguing with his twin as he quickly handed her one of the emergency pre-made character sheets. He gave her a rogue, it was quite an appropriate role for her, even if the character was a man named Ivan as opposed to a pretty back-stabbing woman.

The game then continued without a hitch, Iris decided to stick with a heavy emphasis on roleplaying and getting his sibling more accustomed to the game and how it worked. He’d go over numbers later, but acting a role was something he knew she could handle with ease. And that she did.

“I’ll flirt with the wench so that she’ll give me a discount.” Rose announced boldly as she pushed her figure forward, it moved a space ahead, right in front of the drawn bar counter.

“Roll a D20 to see if your attempt is successful”

Rose rolled her eyes as she picked up her die and tossed it on the table. The numbers jumbled around until the die came to a stop and a fifteen was displayed for the entire group to see.

“So what now?”

Iris glanced at the numbers he had hastily written during his study hall period yesterday. Then he looked back at the number on the die. He was grateful that his sister seemed to grasp the concept of the die being the string of fate of sorts for the game. It was the randomizer that balanced the witty minds of the players and the imaginary devious god that decided the outcomes of all the warriors’ actions.

“She giggles and charges you full price anyway. Your kind are typically not welcome in these parts so you are lucky she’ll give you the time of day and serve you.”

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