My Apology

Inspiration – A child walks in on something and his mind wanders. As most children who have an overactive imagination, he fabricates a scene in his head, without trying to fully grasp whats going on. Later he confronts his mother, who is hurt by his accusations. He runs to his room, a song from his favorite movie playing. He writes…


I am sorry, for tonight I understand.

You weren’t cheating on Daddy,

when I saw you with that man.

I should have known much better.

And that your love was true.

I offer my apology.

These words meant just for you.


Mommy, I am sorry.  

I’m your son.

I’m here because of you.

I heard you and Daddy fight.

Then I awoke to see him holding you tight.

So what was I to think.

Mommy what would you think?

If you were to see.

Mommy please don’t you scream.

Please dont yell, Im sorry.

I am so sorry.

Mommy, Please forgive me

It is you that gave me breath

To see you lay here crying,

it is truly worse than death

I never meant to hurt you

Sorry I brought you pain.

I’m writing you this letter now.

So we can start again.

Forgive me?

Mommy can you forgive me?

Read my words, they’re written just for you.

Though what I thought I did was right.

I guess the lesson is “all grown ups fight”

But if your love is true

And you know what to do

Things will be ok

And if you are a kid,

and you do what I did

You’ll end up grounded…


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