Fighting a Good Fight

There comes a time when you realize that your friends are insane. Oh, you knew this already, it just becomes apparent to someone happening to look outside of the group and could understandably say that person insane, At this very moment Carla was the most insane of the insane. Then again being in the situation we were in may or may not contribute to it. Don’t judge me for the latter is what I lend on. Carla is a good friend, she’s just crazy, the safe kind, not one who…lets get back on topic.

You see if the world was going to end like it been theorized to do so, you’d think the scientists would the ones making sure we fight the good fight, heck you might think the army or something would be doing something, not a bunch of writers. Yeah you read it right, Writers. You didn’t see that coming. Well I and my friends, the Writing Prompt Crusaders didn’t either.

Life is funny that way, mind you I think this is not funny at all, I stress and worry and currently we are fighting Medusa.

Yes, that Medusa, the one with snake hair and snake body and let’s not forget the whole look at me and turn stone thing. That Medusa. Why did you ask are we handling this. First, do you think Scientist would even consider this is real, let alone, some big army people. Do you even believe this? Well I don’t believe it either and it’s happening to me.

Magic, yes it real, very nonsensical, the monster that we grew up in fairytale fantasy and all that nonsense as kids very real. It turns out people, who are good at it, with enough dip in the pool could control magic. You thinking cool, but let’s add the terms to the agreement. You have magic but the monsters, the fairy, mythos, and everything else does too. Most don’t want to be sealed back. They’re after you, or whoever has magic. You might be lucky that you didn’t awaken your magic and they’re after you anyway. Good fortune to you, I mean it really, because best you could do is run, fast, and hope.

But any who turn out certain aquaria ruled things you to have, toward awakening, a child’s eye, heart, or whatever you may want to call it. It’s people who think creativity, theses right sided people. Yeah, artist, musician, writers and so forth. But also had reached an age, yeah so no little 11 years old going flying around official age is, 18, yeah that crack in your skull, the natural one, is actually letting magic out. Who knew right. So breaking your skull there now another reason not to.

So head shoot people….

However, I’m so off topic let’s get back on the fight with Medusa…

“Carla, you need a reflective object to fight her” Sara yelled.

“No, I got this I know it works.”

“And if it doesn’t because it doesn’t seem like it work at all.” Skyler

“Well, it doesn’t, Ray has the all purpose water of his.”

“And what if I don’t use it?” Everyone looked at him and he shrugged. “What I just saying, we can use this on a more reasonable approach”

Carla smiled.

“I do have extra lives.”

“Does that count with turning to stone.?” Sara countered.

“Let’s see.”

Before anyone stops her, Carla, the smallest and most energetic of us all, ran face forward to Medusa. And slays her.

Yeah, it happens like that. Okay, there was dogging of tails. And the cold glazes before it. But I wasn’t watching it. I had a one those shiny dinner plates and all.

“How you do that?” Ray asked.

“Carla touched her eye. Skyler squirm and Sara slap her head calmly with disbelief and Ray laughed.

You would not think to look at your teammate’s eyes running toward death. But apparently, anything covering your sight makes you immune to turning to stone. Who knew. Well, apparently Carla.

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