His opponent towered over him

What would normally be a simple beast shifted into a monstrous final boss.

It had all of his valuables. Every single item he had to his name in this area, it had held captive.

Iris bit his lip as he stepped forward, his hand reaching forward to grab at the sleeping beast’s weak spot. He had all the time in the world, he just had to make sure not to mess up.

His breathing was deep, in and out. His fingers moved slowly.

He twisted the organ to the right, centimeters at a time. Like a typical RPG, the damage inflicted was revealed as Iris cast his spell. 5, 10, 15, 20.

The magical number 46 finally appeared and Iris switched his tactics.

He began to move left.

The MP counter began to tick down. 100, 95, 90, 85, 80…

Iris bit his lip.



He could feel his heart thumping loudly. If he wasn’t careful, all of his hard work would be for naught. The creature would wake from his slumber and he would be too weak to face it head on. Without a proper party or the right equipment, the monster would not be slain so easily.

The hit counter began to rise. The numbers ticked away. Bright white.

120, 125…. 128

Iris took in a deep breath and readied himself now for his final move. The one that would end this battle so that he could claim his things once again.

He then released the breath he had been holding, his grip tightening on the beast until he tugged backward. Pulling the weakened organ until it snapped.

The world once more moved at normal speed as the blue locker swung open. It revealed Iris’s jacket, his textbooks, and his handheld video game console. It was as if his imaginary beast had now shifted into the most loaded treasure room in existence. At least that’s how he perceived it in his mind’s eye.

All everyone else saw was your average everyday locker equipped with a silver Master Lock 1500D Dial Combination Lock. Iris enjoyed his moments of fantasy where the average objects turned into the most fantastical of beasts and events.

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