It was a walk in the park. Ten teeny-tiny children. Trick or treating.

The horde of little demonic imps that Iris had to keep an eye on were anything but sweet innocent children. The only thing ‘sweet’ about them were the candies they kept stuffing in their greedy hungry mouths. Their sugar-crazed minds couldn’t function properly and Iris wished he had several leashes that could hook on the backs of their assorted costumes.

Luckily, he wasn’t alone.

Navar wasn’t much help, but it was nice not having to suffer alone.

“How many more blocks do we gotta go?” Navar asked as he snapped Iris out of his self-reflective daze.

After a moment of thought, Iris answered, “Three”


The thundering sound of tiny feet smashing against the concrete indicated that their small break was over as the imps began to skip and run around Iris and Navar.

“Fairy boy fairy boy!” One of them sang loudly, clearly mocking the platinum blonde Navar who indeed had decided to don a icy blue tunic that matched his glittering wings.

“Maybe next year you should dress up as Peter Pan instead. They’ll laugh at you less.” Iris suggested meekly.

“Eh, I’m sure the ladies will dig this costume at the party.” Navar answered back before taking in a deep breath and speaking in a much louder voice, “Alright you little demons, let’s go to the next house.”

With that, the small group of ten whooped and cheered as they rushed towards the next house, all of them charing haphazardly over the front yard without a care in the world for the decorations laid out for the public eye.

This continued for the next half hour, the two teens at their wits end by the time they reached the meeting spot.

Seated in the bench underneath the streetlamp was the teacher of the twenty two children that were sent out trick or treating. Her rosy cheeks appeared even rosier due to the cold while her large witch hat was next to her.

“I do hope the children weren’t too much of a problem…” Ms. Buglione mumbled as she saw the tired expressions of the teen’s faces.

“Oh no, they weren’t that bad.” Iris told her with a forced smile

“Angels, the lot of them. But that’s cause they have such an angeli-” Navar began before getting elbowed by Iris.

“Guess who wrecked this neighborhood?!”

Iris would have thanked the powerful beings from up above for the interruption, but the moment he turned his head to see who spoke up, all he saw was his sister leading the rest of the class. They wore bright grins on their faces while their little buckets were practically overflowing with sweets and treats of all kinds, some even had plastic bags to double their carrying power.

What was even more surprising was how the twelve children marched in two neat rows behind his twin who donned a pirate costume. Trailing behind the group was Helena donning a pirate costume as well, as she too held a bag full of sweets.

Iris was baffled.

“It looks like you handled the kids very well Rose.” Ms Buglione commented with a smile.

“It was a walk in the park, or more like neighborhood since that’s what we just did.” Rose replied before throwing her head back to look over at her partner and added, “We basically dominated it. Ain’t that right Hell?”

Helena giggled as she she nodded, slowing down her pace while gently nudging the children allowing them to join the hyperactive kids from Iris’s group.

It was then that Ms. Buglione took over and thanked the four teens. Iris remained silent in disbelief the entire time as the teacher reminded the group to come to her office in the morning to get their community service papers signed.

Well perhaps it was a walk in the park, just not for them.

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