The room was silent.

Well mostly silent.

Iris picked at the food on his plate while his sister was one step away from cutting the plate in half with the amount of force she used to cut her steak.

It had been like this for the past five minutes.

Finally, their mother stepped into the room. Her smile and overall aura of joy a very much needed element that was needed in the previously intense atmosphere of the room.

“Did my flowers have a rough day at school?” Esmeralda asked as she sat at the head of the table, her hands reaching for the pitcher of water in the center of the table so she could fill her empty glass with fresh cool water.

“It was… okay,” Iris answered, hoping that his short and vague answer was enough to let their delightfully ignorant mother to the ticking time bomb that was in the room.

“Bullshit more like it.”

Iris instantly paled.

“What happened, sweetie?” Esmeralda prodded as her cheerful expression shifted to a concerned one.

Rose huffed as she shoveled a large piece of meat into her mouth and chewed on it angerly.

“Her team lost the championship game.” Iris provided after a moment of silence.

“Oh…” Esmeralda mumbled as she began to dig into her food. Her pace slow since her attention was more focused on her daughter.

“We didn’t lose the fuckin’ game… We were cheated out of it.” Rose corrected bitterly.

Before either of the other two occupants could prod on the brunette, Rose spoke up once more.

“This is what happened…”

“-It started out as every other day. We went to school and parted ways. Iris went off to do whatever nerdy-ass shit he had planned while I went to the field….Instead of seeing my teammates working out and planning for the upcoming game, they were all just sitting the fuck down. Like the fuck? So I jog towards them and ask what the fuck is up.”

Rose pauses and Iris half expects his mom to chime in about the language Rose is using. However, Emseralda remains quiet as she nods and listens attentively.

“So turns out that due to the ‘upcoming inclement weather’ they have changed the day of our big ass game to today. Not only that but apparently there was some behind the scenes money exchanging going on.” Rose continues, her eyes focused on her food as she retells her day.

“I don’t know much of the fuckin’ details but everyone on my goddamn team is distraught and shit. I tell them to fuck it and if we gotta deal with some disadvantageous, then perhaps we need to take the matter into our own hands.”

Iris blinked twice, blankly. He wasn’t aware of this part of the story.

Esmeralda remained silent.

“Three of us cut class. We decide to change all the water sources that the other team had with vodka. Their water battles and their water coolers… Don’t ask how we did it, just know that it took the whole goddamn day and lots of connections to make the whole fucking plan work.”

“But… Didn’t you guys still lose?” Iris piped in

“Shut it asshole.” Rose growled, “You saw the battlefield. We shouldn’t have fuckin’ lost to a bunch of drunk ass amateurs.But we did.”

“I guess the main character doesn’t always win the fight eh?” Iris tried to cheer up his twin.

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