Super Atrocious Trial

I stood there.


“This is it.” I mumbled under my breath, my hand shaky as I gripped the doorknob and stepped inside of the dungeon.

I had prepared for this battle, yet despite all of my training I still didn’t feel ready. I trained solo and I trained with my close-knit teammates and yet this was a challenge I needed to face alone.

I sucked in deep breaths, attempting to calm my jittery nerves as I made my way across the room. I made sure to tread carefully, ready for the floor beneath me to crumble at any moment. I felt the hideous monster in the room watch my every movement, his eyes gleaming with delight as he probably contemplated the best way to crush my hopes, dreams and soul.

I uttered not a single word as I got into position. I was early.

Soon enough more bodies began to fill the room. All of them pale and shaky like myself. It was all of us against him. Or at least in theory that was true. However we each were collaborating and competing at the same time. Who would be the first to leave the dungeon alive? Who would be the one to inflict the most damage? Would any of them gain the fame of the village, or even better, kingdom for slaying such a monsterous beast?

As a wizard, I knew I had a tactical advantage over my fellow peers. Most of them tended to rely on their brawn and swordsmanship for their fights, I depended on knowledge and wisdom. Those would be the tools that would help me succeed.

I took in another deep breath.

The monster began to move. He began to unleash his mighty attack, striking all of us equally.

I was silent as I observed the way his attacks the faces of my peers pale in terror.

In a few minutes, once his initial attack had hit, he dared to move in the front of the room. His lips curved into a manic grin, “Remember to keep your eyes on your own paper”

Those words came out muffled, though as the monster continued to speak, the daydream that I had been so caught up within had faded away from my sight.

“When you are done with your exams, turn in your papers to the front of the class.”

Mr. Arranga’s voice became clearer with every word. The paper that had been placed on my desk minutes earlier reminded me of the true reality of the situation. I supposed that while I had returned to the reality of the situation, I might as well put my full attention on the test ahead of me. It wasn’t an ordinary exam, it was a school mandated test that was full of blank circles.

I sighed as my daydream of being a wizard was now completely gone. The wand in my hand was a now a number two pencil. It was time to bubble in my information before tackling the questions in the packet given to me.

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