Rose contemplated the moments that complied to form into her ‘grandest’ year of her high school career, she couldn’t help but view it through the rose-tinted lenses of a children’s fairy tale.

While standing at 5’7″ didn’t make her ‘little’ by any means, compared to the giant hulking beast that was quarterback of the American football team certainly made her feel small and delicate. At least visually.

She wasn’t an innocent cookie-delivery girl either. No girl scout. But the fact that her family did own a bakery made the connections a bit uncanny.

But Rose. Rose didn’t want to be someone’s Little Red.

Yet there she was. Her dress was a vibrant red, the flower of her namesake was ripped clean of its thorns and placed in her stylized shoulder-length hair. She looked gorgeous.

She waited for her date. Her escort. Her ‘big bad’ wolf on the front porch.

Which led to her current contemplative state.

She thought about the year. The start of her soccer season. How her team had completely obliterated whoever challenged them. It was very much like any fairy tale where the protagonist always won. Her victories were endless and their celebrations happened in her family’s cafe.

Then winter hit. Her winter vacation consisted of going to the chilly snowy mountains where her relatives lived. There were many steamy conversations via text with her ‘big bad’. It was a separation that while was lame, was one that didn’t really bother Rose since family came first.

Spring came with snow and then eventually flowers. Her Valentines Day was spent working before ending it with a big bang with her big bad. There were a few occasions of jealousy coming from her wolf that flared up with the pretty spring days. Though who could blame him? She didn’t want any titles, and the number of hunters in the woods were plenty. Especially with how quickly the school semester was ending and the countdown to prom.

Rose wasn’t dumb. She was attractive and had plenty of suitors. The only issue was that her thorns tended to keep most of them a healthy arm’s length away.

And yet.

Here she was, waiting for her prom date. The same big bad wolf that she had allowed to be a part of her fairy tale life.

Too bad that time was running out for both of them.

As soon as she threw up her graduation cap, that would be it. The killing shot from the shotgun of life would put her big bad down and he’d be nothing more than a fond memory.

Rose sighed as she got up, the sight of her date’s car came into view and she was already feeling a bit impatient to start the night. The memories of her past, present and now upcoming future making her feel angsty and emotional.

“Bout time you showed up, ” Rose scolded lightly.

“Sorry bab-”

“Excuse me?”

“Rose.” Russet corrected himself, extending his arm to her and she gratefully took it. She enjoyed the feeling of his thick bicep as she stepped closer to him.

“Smile!” Came her mother’s voice followed by a bright flash of light. As soon as Rose blinked away the bright dots that littered her view of the world, she saw her mother beaming at the two of them with a camera in hand.

“How about we pose for you Mrs?” Russet asked as he snaked his arm around Rose, pulling her closer.

Rose didn’t object while every fiber of her being wanted to correct him for taking charge of the situation. Instead, she flashed her brightest of grins for the camera.

Her fairy tale wasn’t going to end happily. But she was willing to take a few falls to find true love.

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