Tips on Making New Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year my fellow creatives!

I do hope all of you have rested up during the holiday season and celebrated to your heart’s content as the final minutes of 2016 ticked away. I know I did.

However, before making your list of your New Years Resolutions, you should take 15 minutes to reflect on the year that has passed.

  • What accomplishments have you already made?
  • Was there anything you left undone?
  • What lessons did you learn?
  • What are some key events that happened to you?
  • Did anything new inspire you?
  • Who did you meet or learn more about?
  • How did you survive the past year?
  • Why do you think some events turned out the way they did?

It can be difficult to answer some of these questions, it can be overwhelming. Perhaps take only one or two of these prompts at a time and jot down your answers.

History will repeat itself if we don’t learn from past mistakes. Goals cannot be obtained if we don’t know where we currently stand. It’s important to take what you have experienced and use it as a tool to start out the new year on the right foot.


Guilt trip yourself for not doing enough.
Give up on a project because you couldn’t do it the first time
Get frustrated or upset

Once you have taken the time to review the previous year, now start listing your resolutions. If you don’t have a clue of what you’d actually want to achieve, or can realistically can achieve then here’s some tips:

  • Take an accomplishment you have achieved and push it.

When I say accomplishment, I don’t necessarily mean something life changing. So if you were not able to publish a book last year, then don’t fret. Accomplishments can be little things you have done. They could be as simple as waking up in the morning. If so, then a New Years Resolution this year could be to wake up thirty minutes earlier than your regular time. The point of a resolution isn’t always to dream big and achieve great things, it’s about making small goals to make steps towards those dreams.

  • Take a look at your role models and see if you get inspired.

If you want to become a better comedian, then take a look at people in your life that always make you grin or actual comedians that made their passion into a career. While it may feel intimidating to compare yourself to them, perhaps see what they have done to get to where they are at and use their success as a guide. This doesn’t mean to do exactly what they did, but perhaps they do certain things on a daily or weekly basis that allows them to deliver better punch lines or they binge watched certain films for inspiration.

If you instead look up to people in your family or circle of friends, maybe now is the time to give that person a ring and see if you can chat over a cup of coffee. The worst that could happen is that they won’t be able to meet up and the best that could happen is that you’ll get first-hand advice, tips and tricks from someone you admire.

  • Pick something and finish it

You do not always have to pick something shiny and new for the New Year. In fact, you could just take that energy and put it into something that you always wanted to see to completion but never was able to. This may even require for you to rethink the entire project all together if there was a reason why you couldn’t finish it in the first place. Take a gander at 5 Ways to be Productive & Stay That Way if you need help with jumpstarting an old project. The second step of Simplify is explained in detail and could help you tackle the giant beast of a project you have in the back burner.

As for myself, I’m going to evaluate my year of 2016 creatively and keep you guys posted on any new lessons I’ve learned.


Feel free to share any lessons you have learned or any resolutions you have made this year and you’ll be hearing from me soon!

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