Blast to the Past: 2016

Hello, my fellow creatives!

As promised in my Tips on Making New Resolutions for the New Year, I took the time to reevaluate my creative endeavors for the new year. I took about five minutes to sit down and review several of the questions that I discussed in my previous article.

What accomplishments have you already made?

On June 25 of last year, I wrote down a list of projects I wanted to accomplish. These projects ranged from writing a book to taking steps to obtaining a higher education. These were all major projects and realistically I knew I wouldn’t have been able to tackle every single one of them to their completion by the end of the year.

While looking over my list, 3 out of the 13 projects were actually achieved and while ideally getting more done would have been better, the fact that I managed to complete more than one made me grin.

I managed to jumpstart this website which I originally wanted to call Take15 in the earlier planning stages. I did a series of drawings that forced me to get out of my comfort zone and I even managed to create a simple dress-up game from scratch for a very close friend of mine right in time for her birthday.

Blast to the Past: 2016 List of Projects |

Blast to the Past: 2016 List of Projects |

Was there anything you left undone?

As I mentioned before, 10 of the projects I listed were left incomplete. This is not including the 2016 NaNoWriMo Challenge that I utterly failed to complete-again!

In my previous article, I mentioned not to guilt-trip myself for my failures. Instead, I am going to simply acknowledge the fact that those projects were incomplete and that I have this bright shiny new year to continue and complete them.

What lessons did you learn?

Reflecting on the past year, I learned a mixture of life and skill-based lessons.

  • I learned the importance of planning with help of reflecting and bullet journaling.
  • I taught myself how to use Adobe Flash to create a doll maker which has also taught me the importance to sticking to deadlines, patience, and troubleshooting. Lots and lots of troubleshooting. 
  • With my friends, I learned the basics of sewing and started on making a plushie.
  • I even had to teach myself the basics of WordPress and all the fun little tidbits of information that comes with using the website and sticking to a consistent posting schedule.

What are some key events that happened to you?

The year of 2016 was life changing for most. Putting aside all the political drama and worldly events that spanned throughout the year, several events did happen to me personally that had affected me.

  • Three family members were taken to the hospital.

All these medical emergencies happened back to back to back, it was a whirlwind of emotion, fear, and amazingly enough love. It’s during the terrifying tragedies that you get closer to relatives and friends you normally don’t see. It’s also the post-hospital visits that make you truly appreciate life and all it has to offer.

I am so blessed that all three women who were hospitalized came out alright. However, these moments were turbulent and a major reason as to why NaNoWriMo had knocked me out so thoroughly.

  • I started dating again.

It was a strange thing to do after being out of the loop for a bit. Making yourself vulnerable and allowing a person to step into your life is no easy feat. It’s a time-consuming process to figure out whether or not the other person (or people in some cases) is compatible with you and your lifestyle.


It certainly has been and continues to be an interesting journey. I have a great thing going for me that supports my goals and dreams while at the same time consuming every ounce of free time I have. It’s wonderful.

Did anything new inspire you?

I don’t feel as if the year of 2016 brought much to the table as in providing fresh new ideas. However the more I thought about it, the more I realized that perhaps there were a few new events and people I encountered that gave me a fresh perspective.

  • Speed-dating

I honestly never attempted to speed-date before. I decided to give it a try and while I didn’t meet my Prince Charming through those means, I did meet a handful of inspiring people, who I am in contact with today. Being exposed to such a large amount of people in short bursts of time allows you to get a ton of different snapshots into the lives of others.

While I wouldn’t say I was totally inspired by anyone, in particular, the event was certainly brand new and it allowed me to experience something I normally wouldn’t have gotten to do.

  • Board Games

While I have always enjoyed a board game night or three, I never felt as inspired by the genre of tabletop gaming till 2016. I worked at a gaming convention in the previous year and was able to see all kinds of interactive pieces of art from digital to traditional and it was glorious. In the previous year, I even attempted making my own fan-made deck builder game and had generated over fifty cards for the prototype.

As an animator, interactivity has always been something that fascinated me and games are as interactive as you can get. Here’s to seeing more experimentations with the budding medium.

  • Why do you think some events turned out the way they did?


Overall I felt as if my year was a success. I made no steps backward as I went through a variety of new experiences, good and bad.

I do believe the majority of my failures to complete projects go with the fact that I am still overcoming my tendency of procrastinating and losing the initial steam that I gain whenever I become inspired.

This is why moving forward I need to take this information and learn from my mistakes so I can complete five projects instead of three. That is my new goal for 2017.

Readers, have you taken the time to sit down and evaluate your year?

If not then please take the time to do so. As you saw, I took five minutes instead of the suggested 15 and I managed to reflect on so many points that I hadn’t even realized affected me.

With this new information, make your resolutions and your goals and achieve them!


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