5 Ways to Use a Thesaurus


Happy Thesaurus Day!

To honor and celebrate this very valuable object created by Peter RogetLet’s talk about the mighty thesaurus that probably existed in the time of dinosaurs, hence the -saurus suffix.

Okay okay, so maybe it’s not that old. But let’s talk about using these ancient artifacts to improve our creativity.

1. Become Less Repetitive

The most traditional use of a thesaurus is to expand your vocabulary, both written and oral. You could look up any word in the English language and figure out what other lesser used words are similar in meaning to it. This definitely comes in handy when you are attempting to figure out how not to use the word ‘said‘ fifty times in a paragraph, or to make yourself sound a wee-bit smarter on a scholastic paper.

2. Learn the Word of the Day

Subscribe to Word of the Day where you could learn words such as flackery or frondescence. Or if you want to lessen the amount of ‘junk’ in your inbox, then perhaps occasionally checking up on their site to learn one new word every week sound much more manageable instead.

Did I also mention that you can hear how you can pronounce these fascinating words? Well now I have, the more you know~

3. Challenge Yourself

Whether it be by using Word of the Day or by looking up words you use frequently, after learning a new word you should put it to use. Some creative ways to use these fancy words would be committing them to memory for future Scrabble games to mess with your foes or perhaps practicing some calligraphy before posting your piece of art on Instagram with the hashtag #wordoftheday.

What I used to do in my younger years was take a handful of words and force myself to write a short story with them. These were usually vocab words that I needed to learn for a class, but the same principal could be applied to words from a thesaurus.

Placing restrictions on yourself forces you to think creatively and that’s awesome.

4. Unique Guestbook

Want a creative way for guests to leave their mark on your special day? Purchasing a thick dusty thesaurus could be the perfect solution to wow your friends and family. All you need after that are a bunch of highlighters and cute pens so your guests can highlight whatever words make them think of you. Or you know whatever words make them chuckle or remind them of an inside joke that only you guys will understand.

Not to mention, once everything is said and done, you can shelf that bad boy in your study and look super snazzy and intelligent.

5. Secret Storage

Similar to my previous suggestion, this one is taking the outdated but still wonderful thesaurus and giving it a new purpose in life. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to glue and/or tape the pages together before cutting a square in the center to store any valuables you may have.

After all, who needs a safe when you can simply keep your belongings safe with a thesaurus? Every thief goes for a safe, only nerds go for books.


How are you guys spending your Thesaurus Day? Are you going to celebrate it by doing something suggested above? What other ways can you think of creatively utilize this handy book?




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