Inspire Your Heart with Art

Happy Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!

It’s the final day of January and while some of you may still be experiencing the New Year High which has been helping you remain motivated with fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions, I’m sure there are plenty others that have given up weeks ago on change and have returned to their daily routines.

As for myself, I am on the fence with how I feel with the new year. While on one hand, I’ve been maintaining better daily habits such as daily journaling with Day One, I’ve also have had days where I have forgotten to write my daily thoughts. However, what has kept me in track has been forgiving myself for not journaling as opposed to continuously berating myself. Treating my daily routines as a way to better myself as opposed to a chore really has helped me remain on track.

Let’s go back on track and discuss Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.

While I did attempt to figure out the true origins of this holiday, all I have managed to find out is that it’s celebrated worldwide. Some individuals go to their local art galleries and take the chance to appreciate the masterpieces of various artists while others decide to pick up old pieces they haven’t finished on.

Here are 3 Ways to Inspire Your Heart with Art

1. Watch a Twitch Stream of an Artist

There are several artists who showcase themselves in the production of producing their art. This could be either by drawing on photoshop, creating a prop for a cosplay, or doing some cute DIYs for an upcoming holiday. While you may not be familiar with art galleries in your area, you can check out artists in the middle of their work from the comfort of your home.

To make it a more warm and inspiring experience, feel free to serve yourself a mug of hot chocolate to sip. If you are feeling especially inspired, then maybe have your own sketchbook on hand and feel free to draw alongside the artist on screen.

It may feel intimidating to see those who are extremely talented in their craft make their work look so flawless and simple. However it should also give you a new found appreciation for the work that goes into each piece they create.  They do not just draw a simple line and BAM art. You could also learn some new tricks and tips to apply to your own work from watching their unique workflow.

Personally, I enjoy going on Youtube and watching some playbacks of streams.

2. Take 15 Minutes to be Creative

I know I repeat this statement a lot, but I cannot stress how important it is to carve out some time to just be you. In 5 Creative Ways to Tackle Prompts I discuss different ways to express yourself by using the aid of prompts and if you need any prompts to gain inspiration from, this site is full of them!

While I personally like using prompts, especially written ones, others may feel inspired by giving themselves a challenge to tackle for 15 minutes. Some cute challenges I believe that could help you get creative quick would be the following:

  • Using 1-3 markers to draw a picture
  • Write a story based off the universe from the last show you watched.
  • Use makeup (cheap ones preferably) to draw a picture

3. Reflect on a Piece of Art

There is no better day than today to reflect. Take fifteen minutes to think about what has inspired you to pursue your creative hobbies or lifestyle. Perhaps it was a film that you watched when you were a kid that made you realize you wanted to draw, or maybe you have a role model that inspired you to follow in their footsteps.

Either way, take the time to reflect and perhaps write about what has inspired you. If you want to go the extra mile, perhaps write a thank you letter to your role model in your life that has inspired you to draw or a letter to thank those you support you. While it may not be entirely ‘creative’ it’ll certainly be heartfelt.


Regardless how you spend your Inspire your Heart with Heart, I do hope you all continue being creative. If you happen to do anything creative, don’t feel shy and post up your work. Be sure to tag your pictures with #InspireYourHeartWithArt and see who else is being inspired by this mysterious but wonderful holiday.

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