5 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

Today, March 14th is Pi Day. While this “Hidden Holiday” isn’t as obscure as some of the other hidden holidays I have discussed in the past, it’s one I celebrate annually with my friends.

How does one celebrate such an obscure holiday? Is there even a creative way to celebrate this great mathematical phenomenon? Well, hopefully these five ways that I’ll suggest to you readers will either inspire you to come up with your own way to celebrate or give you a reason to do something different from your everyday routine.

1. Eat some pie!

This is my favorite way to celebrate with my friends. If you have the entire day free, make your own pie. Unleash your creativity by baking and look online for something delicious to make. If you are extremely skilled in the kitchen, then don’t follow a recipe or change an already existing one to suit your tastes.

By the way, when I say pie. I mean this could be a traditional apple pie or perhaps even a pie of pizza. Pizza is like my absolute favorite pie!

If you don’t have all day to celebrate Pi Day, then you could always just order some pizza or go to a pizza place that you have never been before. It’s a good excuse to try a new restaurant to switch things up and you never know if it’ll soon be your next go-to spot when you want to get food.

2. Have a math-a-thon

Since this is a mathematical holiday, why not do some math? It’s a bit of a nerdy suggestion but I always like to come up with ideas for people with all kinds of unique hobbies. If you ever felt like you never have the chance to just sit down and add a bunch of stuff, well today is your day!

If you want to combine this idea with the previous one. You could always figure out the circumference of the pizza to determine who in the group gets the extra slice!

3. Draw a bunch of circles!

While I draw, I don’t exactly get the opportunity to draw all the time. This in return has made me rusty. If you feel the same way and cannot feel inspired or skilled enough to draw, just draw a bunch of circles!

One of the exercises I did while studying 2D Animation was drawing circles. We could cover pages upon pages with circles. Sometimes they’d be the same circles, sometimes we’d make them thinner or wider. Though the one thing we had to keep in mind as we drew circles was maintaining volumeIt certainly added a level of ‘challenge’ to the exercise and it’s perfectly in theme with today’s holiday.

March 2014 Shape Challenge

March 2014 Shape Challenge by LuigiL

Straying a little bit from the circle exercise and more towards a more complicated exercise to try out, there are the Shape Challenges created by DeviantArt user LuigiL.

While it does not incorporate just circles into the art challenge, it does force you to think out of the box and be creative. Which after warming up with drawing a ton of circles, you should be able to handle with ease.

4. Make a Snowman

Today I didn’t go to work. Why? Because of a snowstorm that decided to hit my side of the country. So in theme with today’s holiday and my current situation, another way to celebrate Pi Day would be to create a snowman. A basic snowman is consisted of about two to three circles. Which yes, goes hand-in-hand with the overall feeling of Pi Day.

So if you are like me and are buried underneath 12 inches of snow, then here is a new way to celebrate Pi Day. I have a particularly talented friend who likes to go above and beyond when it comes to these awful blizzards.

5. Watch Educational Videos

Whether these videos come from Netflix in the form of fun-ucation documentaries or YouTube Channels that spout out fun facts, learning something new can be a good way to celebrate Pi Day. Pi, after all, is in the realm of education and why not take the time to fill your brain with newfound knowledge?

As discussed in one of my previous posts on 10 Ways to Cure Writer’s Block, research and learning is a good way to cure any kind of creative block you are experiencing. There are several videos on YouTube that discuss the origins of Pi and also fun facts about Pi as well. It’s a good excuse to do something good for your brain and reawaken your curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

I hope this countdown of Pi Day activities has helped inspire you to do something different and fun for this Hidden Holiday.

If you have your own traditions for this holiday, feel free to share them in the comments!

5 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day | 15MinutesofCreativity.com

5 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day | 15MinutesofCreativity.com

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