5 Gifts for An Artsy Aries

Do you ever sit down in your kitchen and wonder, hmm what shall I get for so-and-so? Well, that’s me today. I have several of friends who have birthdays in the upcoming week. They are all hot-blooded Arieses who not only work hard but party harder.

So for all of you clueless gift-givers out there, here is a list of 5 gifts for the Artsy Aries in your life.

1. A Notebook

Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook – Dotted Pages

If you have enough money to throw at Amazon, get your Aries a Leuchtturm1917. It’s a very well-known notebook in the journaling community and the best part is that it comes in lots of different colors to suit the taste of your Aries.

However, if you don’t want to spend that much then perhaps just look into cheaper alternatives. The point behind this gift is to give a gift that keeps on giving to your Aries. All the Aries I know have lots and lots of ideas floating around in their minds, yet they don’t remain within their heads for long, for as soon as one idea flares up, two more will shortly take its place.

So having a special notebook to jot down their ideas like wildfire could help give them a physical place to dump their future endeavors while allowing them to continue thinking about their next big idea.

Going digital? There are several apps out in the Android and App market for journaling. I did a quick review of Day One and while it’s free, it’s amazing and definitely one of the better apps that I could think of.

2. A Candle

Woodwick Candle Fireside Large Jar

Due to Aries being one of the four fire-elements, why not give them a candle?

These candles are my personal favorites because not only do they provide a neat light source while also filling the room with a delicious aroma, they also please another sense. They satisfy the sense of hearing by providing a gentle crackling sound as the fire burns the wick. It’s the whole reason why these candles are called Woodwick.

Hear’s another neat thing. Since Aries are creative individuals, once the candle has been spent, it’s container is stylish enough to repurpose. Your Aries will find different ways to breathe new life into your gift. Whether they use it as a neat storage container for pens or pencils or maybe use it as a base for a home-made lantern, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

3. Materials for Projects

As the name of this article implies, not only are these gifts meant for an Aries. They are meant for an Artsy Aries. Most of the Aries I know have a project or three that they are working on. However, materials sometimes are hard to obtain and costly. So instead of purchasing your Aries something random such as a stuffed animal, why not buy them something they’ll actually use and appreciate?

If you aren’t sure what they want or need for their projects, just bring it up in a conversation. Ask them what projects they are working on and what obstacles they are facing that is preventing them from moving forward. Are they constantly on the move? Get them a USB so they could take their digital projects on the go. Are they planning on making candles? Buy them some natural scented oils.

The fact that you are taking into consideration of their hobbies and interests will make your gift that much more meaningful than just another random object that they’ll throw in the corner of their room. Who knows, maybe your gift to them will become a gift for yourself!

4.Quality Time

Unsure of what ‘thing’ to buy your Aries? Of course, you aren’t, you’re here!

Well instead of giving an actual object to the Aries, spend some time with them instead. Fulfill their creative and intellectual side by taking them out on a painting class or perhaps some other crafty class that is happening at your local hobby shop or Michaels. From my discussion with several Aries, they value quality time over material objects and treasure memories like jewels.

This gift would even be better if it’s an activity that you both are either novices at. Learn the skill together, don’t use this as an opportunity to outshine your Aries!

Low on funds? Do something in your place or their own. Go to a park if the weather permits. Get a cheap candle from the Dollar store and shove it in a cupcake while singing ‘happy birthday’. Taking time out of your day to just spend it with the birthday Aries is what will make their day special.

5. Make Something

The last option is to make something. As strange as it sounds, a handmade gift means a lot to an Aries. Whether it be a handmade card, a clay figure, or even a detailed drawing. The fact that you went above and beyond to make something out of nothing for them would mean the world. Also if your Aries is an artist, they’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into your present.

Just a friendly heads up. If you go this way, do not wait until the last minute to create something. While your Aries will probably appreciate the handmade gift, it’s just nicer to create something out of care than out of haste.

One example that comes to mind is during my alumni group’s annual Secret Santa event. One of my Aries friends decided to make a crossword puzzle as a gift to stump their secret Santa. It was not only a unique gift, but it was a brain teaser that certainly raised eyebrows.

Did you find this list helpful? Are you an Artsy Aries? Then let me know if this list was accurate or if you have some other ideas for gifts during this Aries holiday season.

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