Stop Talking – Start Doing : Blah Blah Blah Day

Do you remember your New Years Resolutions?

I sure don’t.

I have a general idea of what they could have been. Drink more water. Do more illustration work. Get a better job. Get a Master’s Degree. Do more blog posts for 15MinutesofCreativity. The list can go on and on and on.

The reality is unless you are the 1% who actually stick to their guns and continue working hard to achieve those New Years Resolutions, you are probably like me and just gave up after day 30.

Here is where the website has decided to step in and motivate others just as Spring comes around the corner. So you gave up in February? March? Fine, don’t fuss about it. It’s a new season and it’s time to revive those dreams and make them a reality. Blah blah blah Day is a Hidden Holiday meant for taking the time to move forward.

So what does this mean for you?

I’ll walk you through the steps that I’ll be taking today. These steps are similar to the ones that I went over in Tips on Making New Resolutions for the New Year, which should be no surprise since we are basically bringing out dreams back out from the start of the new year and implementing them.

Take 2-5 Minutes & Write Your Goals

Don’t go into detail, list them out as follows:

  • Get a Master’s Degree
  • Work in the City
  • Gain 200 Followers on Social Media
  • Write a Book
  • Create an Animation
  • Make a Traditional Board Game
  • Attend a Convention

The list can go on and on and on. As you can see, the really quick list I typed up cover various facets of my life. It goes from personal goals which are gaining a higher education to creative ones that deal with making something out of nothing and lifestyle ones that require planning and budgeting to go somewhere. None of your goals need to be related. They don’t all have to be about your creative side. You are a complex individual with many many sides, embrace them.

Review Those Goals

Which one of your goals makes your heart flutter with excitement? Which ones do you actually see yourself doing? Look over your list several times and either highlight or underline the ones that you adore. Don’t think about whether or not you can achieve them, at this point all you want to do is focus on your passion for the project or goal.

Then take a deep breath, get a glass of water or a cup of coffee and go back to your list. Really really take a look at the ones you selected. I’d recommend three, but you can go as much as five. If you have more than that, then fine, we’ll narrow down your options soon.

What Can You Do Today?

We are going to toss all those goals and place them on the chopping block.

No matter which one you will select, the fact that you highlighted only the most passionate of your dreams means that it’s a win-win situation no matter which goal you decide to tackle first. So please don’t feel guilty that you can’t do everything you want at once.

Go over your list one more time. The thought you should have in mind is, which one of these goals can I start working on TODAY. Not tomorrow, not at the start of the next month, not in a week. TO-DAY.

If you believe that you can tackle multiple projects on your highlighted list today, then go for it. I’d recommend just selecting the most feasible one to obtain in the shortest amount of time and focusing all your energy on that one.

So now what?

You have two options now. Close this window and get to work or continue reading for some ideas to help you jumpstart your project. Either way, you are already ten steps ahead of your past self by dusting off your dreams and making the decision to make them a reality.

Personal Decision / Lifestyle Goals

You want to change something in your life. Whether this is a health oriented goal, one in education or career then you need to plan and you need to be consistent. If you want to become more flexible then sign up for a yoga class today. Use Google to look up any local gyms in your area and see which ones are offering yoga classes. Compare and contrast their fees. While the class doesn’t have to be today, you need to book the class today.

No money? No problem. Resources such as youtube have you covered. I go to Yoga with Adriene for all my yoga needs. Out of all the yoga-tubers, I find that I like her teaching style the most and I don’t feel as bad for not being able to touch my toes.

If you want to get a better education, look up what institutes you want to look into. What are their deadlines for the next upcoming semester? Do you need to look into financial resources? Contact the recruiters or go to an Open House day of the university of your choice. Lots of universities even offer online tours and talks for students out of state/country. There are plenty of things you can do today to take baby steps toward your goal.

If you don’t want to get an actual degree, there are plenty of online courses and websites for learning new skills. The first websites that come to mind are Udemy or While pricey these are courses that don’t restrict you by being held at one particular place. And as I mentioned before, youtube is a great resource for free classes of any sort.

Creative Goals

Do you want to write a book? Do you want to create an animation? Maybe your goal is to create a game whether it be traditional or video-based. I’ve written plenty of articles to get started on your projects and I’ll list them here for your leisure.

Planning for NaNoRiMo- Part 1: Choosing Your Topic is a part of a three part series where I go over how to brainstorm ideas for what to write about for a novel. While you may not want to write for NaNoWriMo, this article may help you with your ‘dream’ book that you want to write.

Adobe InDesign Advice: Folder Management is geared towards those who have a plethora of Word Documents on their computer and want to take their written works and compile them into a book. This guide is the first of many to help those take the next step in self-publishing.

I have several articles on creating concepts for projects & getting rid of writer’s block

10 Ways to Cure Writer’s Block

5 Creative Ways to Tackle Prompts

Beginner’s Guide to 15 Minute Prompts

Lastly, for those who cannot come up with any concrete goals, look through this site and choose one of the many Prompts posted on a weekly basis. Even if the prompt doesn’t get you to a major milestone, just doing something may be the first step you need to tackle to become truly inspired!

This is the latest prompt to check out if you are too lazy to comb through the site:

Prompt #36

Regardless of what your plans for today are. I do hope that this article has inspired you. While Blah Blah Blah Day only happens once a year, the present is always a perfect day to stop talking and start doing.

Good luck with your creative endeavors!


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