Be Inspired By Reading: National Storytelling Day

I used to be mute. It may be hard to believe since I talk all the time now, but when I was younger I used to simply point to things I wanted. According to medical professionals, my hearing was fine and I was going to talk… Eventually.

Here is where the book “Manchas Aprende a Ladrar” comes into play. This was a book that was read to me as a child. My father’s girlfriend gave it to me one day and would read it to me constantly. I still have the book in my possession and it’s a cute tale that revolves around a dog named Manchas.

The reason why I bring this up is because this story was basically about me. Manchas is a young dog who while can speak and play like all the other dogs on the farm, he can’t bark. His mother reassures him that he’ll learn to bark one day, just because he cannot now don’t mean he never will. Manchas, like most children, does not want to wait, he wants to learn how to bark now.

Hijinks follow as Manchas goes around the farm. He asks all the farm animals for advice on how to bark. While no one can give him the right answer as to how to bark, he eventually figures it out on his own after being startled.

Origin of National Storytelling Day

While I could not figure out where this holiday originated from, I can say it’s one that is celebrated in the United States. Traditionally parents will use this day to spend the evening with their children and they’ll read a children’s storybook together. There isn’t a specific book that gets read on this day so it’s up to the parents to make that choice.

How to Celebrate National Storytelling Day


Read anything. It can be a traditional children’s storybook filled with images or a book that you have purchased months ago from a bookstore. You can read alone on the couch or maybe get your family involved and make it a new family tradition. I would highly recommend reading anything that is a physical book and not a Nook or your phone. You’ll destroy the magic of reading by getting distracted by Facebook, Instagram, or other apps that make time vanish in a blink of an eye.


If you don’t want to read a story, then write your own. Take the time today to write a short story. If you want, slice a chapter of your own life and put it to paper. You can weave magic into your story so that it’ll have more of a “fairy tale” feel to it or just retell that point of your life as best as you can. Don’t stress about it being perfect, this is a holiday meant to just sit back and enjoy the magic of storytelling. Be a wordsmith tomorrow if you decide to edit your tale into a masterpiece.


Take your favorite storybook and illustrate a few pages. Draw some ‘fan art’ of your favorite children’s tale. If your strength lies in the visual medium of art and not in writing, then there’s no reason to sweat. Use your talents and be inspired by today’s holiday. There’s someone I know who does this all the time and has created lovely portfolio pieces of taking old Grimm Tales and turning them into beautifully illustrated modern posters.


Share your experiences with others. In the past, stories used to be shared verbally amongst friends. Call someone whom you haven’t spoken to for a while and ask them how have they been doing. Let them tell you what ‘wild’ adventures that they have been going through and then share your own. Rekindling friendships are always a great way to spend an afternoon and may open doors to future adventures together.

Another route you could go is by going to a family member and asking them to tell you a tale of their past. Maybe they came from another country, maybe they started their own business. You can learn from the experiences of others and that’s the point of storytelling. To share life experiences.

If you’d rather stay away from personal topics, then contact someone you know who is interested in the same book series as you and use today as a discussion day for that novel or novel series. Take today to appreciate the power of a good story.

As for myself, I’m going to give “Manchas Aprende a Ladrar” another shot. It’ll take me less than 15 Minutes to do and I’m sure it’ll be a trip down to memory lane.

Let me know if you have any favorite books from your childhood.

Storytelling Day

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