Bullet Journal Adventure: May 2017

BuJo Lifestyle. Is it for you, is it for me? I’m planning on answering one of those concerns in a span of a few months. If you want, you can join me as I attempt to give this Bullet Journaling Lifestyle a good old college try.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve done this before. In fact, I have briefly mentioned journaling in the past in Blast to the Past: 2016. In fact, that article shows how journaling helped me accomplish my goals for 2016. However, I have a love-hate relationship with consistency. I have been used that bullet journal (as well as my current) on and off. Sometimes I do daily entries, sometimes the weekly logs are all I need, and when I’m on very good behavior, I actually do my monthly log and stick to it.

Bullet Journals are meant to work with you, not against you.

Since my lifestyle has changed due to a new job, I feel as if now is the right time to try a new format for my Bullet Journal. One that I hope will help me with my consistency issues.

BuJo Adventure: May 2016 Cover | 15MinutesofCreativity.com

One of the reasons why I was suddenly inspired to change the way I bullet journal is thanks to Youtube user AmandaRachLee. I have had the luxury to watch as she has grown over the past few months with her bullet journal and the way she sets up her ‘main’ monthly pages ahead of time inspired me to do the same.

Feel free to watch her PLAN WITH ME | May 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

The reason I was so drawn to the way she handles her Bullet Journal is because of how simple yet beautiful she does her layouts. One of the reasons I used to procrastinate with making my weekly layouts is because I’d feel stressed about having a new creative way to plan my week. However, Amanda’s method takes away that stress by being consistent in the basic format of the layout while changing the design theme each month.

What I mean by this is that she’ll arrange her monthly log, weekly log, and daily logs the same way each month but she’ll decorate elements of the page to fit the theme of the month. If you want a clearer picture of what I mean, feel free to check out her other Plan with Me videos or just the one I recommended.

If it wasn’t glaringly obvious. The overall theme I wanted to do for my birthday month was Pokemon. It’s a franchise I am absolutely in love with and have been obsessed with ever since I was seven years old! I stuck with the colors of red, black and white while using the famous image of a Pokeball to decorate my pages.

While I’m not too crazy about how the ink seems to have bleed through the pages, I am happy with the overall layout of my May 2017 Bullet Journal set up.

Do any of you Bullet Journal? Or do you use a different method of monthly planning?

BuJo Adventure: May 2017 | 15MinutesofCreativity.com

There are so many methods of planning, whether it be through Bullet Journal, Google Calendar, or a regular wall calendar. I’m excited to hear what you guys do!


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