Bullet Journal Adventure: June 2017

I jumpstarted my Bullet Journaling Lifestyle last month. If you are interested in seeing the ‘start’ of my BuJo Adventure go check out Bullet Journal Adventure: May 2017 and then come back.

Last month was my birthday month which means I was super biased when it came to how that particular month looked. I am not sure if that’s why I adored the look of that month or because I was just jumpstarting my BuJo adventure that I spent a bit more time and took a bit more take into making it look great… Regardless this month is much more laid back in design.

BuJo Adventure: June 2017 Cover | 15MinutesofCreativity.com

June Cover: Wave Theme

As I mentioned in the past, Youtube user AmandaRachLee is the reason why I have become inspired to redo my Bullet Journal Pages. This month I did an ocean theme with waves and bubbles as my graphics of choice. The reason? Not only is the month of June the start of the summer season, but on my birthday my mother had gifted me a set of brush pens that I was dying to use.

The brush pens were purchased at Michaels and are American Crafts’ Bible Journaling pens. These brush pens that have both a fine and brush tipped side are gorgeous because of their soft pastel colors but I cannot recommend them due to their low-quality ink.

Anyways, back on topic. The theme I went with was an ocean/water-themed layout utilizing soft and light blues to go with the pages.

One big thing that I changed from last month was my exclusion of daily logs, instead, I am having a Cover, Monthly Log, and Weekly logs.


Do any of you Bullet Journal? Or do you use a different method of monthly planning?

There are so many methods of planning, whether it be through Bullet Journal, Google Calendar, or a regular wall calendar. I’m excited to hear what you guys do!

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