The Artist’s Way Adventure: Week 5 Recovering a Sense of Possibility

Welcome to Week 5 of my Artist’s Way Adventure. If you are unfamiliar with this new series, take a look at The Artist’s Way Adventure – Prologue and then come back here later.

This week was strange. Not strange as in everything went horribly wrong, nor did a chain of unexpected events occurred back-to-back. Instead, this week was surreal, I knew I was participating in the week, I did the reading, I did the tasks, I did all the Morning Pages yet I did not feel connected with the theme or Artist’s Way in general. I am sure it is because I’m half-way there that I feel as if nothing is happening, but when I take a step back and look at what I have done, a lot has changed.

It is a strange feeling and I’m sure that unless you go through this yourself, you won’t understand what I mean.

But then again, I guess I could compare the feeling I’m experiencing with any kind of project that you start out strong in when you are super inspired and then that eagerness to work on it wanes as time passes since the inspiration is not as powerful as it was before. Yeah, that’s the best way to describe it.

Wish Lists

Since this was a week of ‘possibilities’, a lot of the tasks and reading had to do with wishing. While the initial weeks were about who you are as a person, this week and I’m assuming the following weeks are about who you want to be. Several of the tasks were about imagining our lives when we were old while another task was about how we wished we were when we were in our ‘prime’ (i.e. 20).

While I wish I could say it was difficult to say it was difficult ‘wishing’ for things, it was quite easy to list off the possessions and experiences I yearned to have in both of those age brackets. However, I feel as if most of my wishes were experience based as opposed to materialistic, which admittedly was a bit of a shock to me. I like new and shiny things.

I started a Pinterest Board to do a couple of these week’s assignments. I pinned images of things I want to own or places I want to live. I aim to print out some of those images to create an actual vision board since I’m sure that’s the aim of the assignments. To not only point out what you want but to also see it consistently so that it eventually becomes a reality.

My Artist Date

I did my Artist Date last minute. A fellow artist by the name of Dutch Doscher had tweeted at me expressing his own concerns over the Artist Dates. Admittedly it is easy to get excited and make plans to go out with yourself in the beginning, but as proven last week and again this week, I had begun to procrastinate and become less and less motivated to take my inner artist out on a date.

I was going to take myself out on a street festival on Saturday. There’s a Portuguese festival that happens around this time of year that I usually am forced to at least check out due to the fact that it’s in my neighborhood, however, I never enjoy them. This is why I decided to do a different plan.

Nearby where my significant other works is a bus stop. This bus stop has collaborated with a local library and together they rent out books for people waiting at the bus stop to read while they wait. It’s a rather ingenious idea and I decided why not give this a shot and make it a date?

I looked through the three shelves that this bus stop had. Most of the books were as you’d expect from a ‘free’ library. Almost all the books were historical or historical fictions that were hardcovers without their protective sleeves to make them look somewhat appealing.

Synchronicity had other plans.

Enter Strawberry Tattoo by Sam Jones.

This book was basically meant for me to pick up and read. I picked it up because it was the only appealing book in the three-shelf library. I then took it to a nearby park and sat on a bench. I sat there for hours. I read the cover from front to back. The main character within it was an artist like me, she was one who struggled to find her true identity and turn her passion into a flourishing career.

While yes, this story is a mystery crime fiction story where a murder occurs and the reader follows the protagonist to figure out who did it- and why… The characters resonated with me and the fact that the location where this story takes place is the big city. The one place that I adore and currently work in.

This artist date is honestly what made this week actually beneficial to me. It was what lifted me from what could have been a ‘blah’ week to one full of purpose and enjoyment. I honestly would have gained nothing from adventuring through a festival I have seen a dozen times, but through the lenses of this book I never heard of, it made me think… A lot.


Week 5 was about recovering a sense of possibility, or at least that is the title of the chapter. For me, this week was about recovering a sense of discovery with Artist Way. It was the one thing that took this dying adventure and reviving it. This chapter reminded me that while this journey has lost its shine due to the ‘newness’ factor fading away, I still have a lot to learn and discover and I’m more than willing to find those answers.

If you are doing this adventure, how was your Week 5?

If you aren’t doing the Artist Way then perhaps you should give Strawberry Tattoo a read, it’s a great way to spend a lazy weekend.

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