Site Spotlight: The Creative Gym NYC

Let me introduce you to The Creative Gym NYC a small start-up business that is all about nourishing the artistic appetite.

Our mission is to provide a diverse range of affordable spaces to allow artists to be artists; and for those who aren’t yet artists, to become them.

As an artist, I adore the concept of The Creative Gym. While I pursued my Bachelors in Animation, I had access to all the latest technology and labs to produce my work. This meant that I did not have to spend hundreds out of pocket to pay for Adobe Programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, or the computers to run them. I was free to experiment with all kinds of software without the investment.

Now, I need to maintain my Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription, purchase Copic markers, save up for Final Cut Pro, and various other supplies for my various artistic endeavors. If I ever want to create my own animated series – which is a dream of mine – I’d have to invest in audio programs such as ProTools if I need to do sound design. I cannot just pursue and try new programs without risking a purchase and let’s be honest, most free trials are not enough to prove if a piece of software really is going to work for you.

Not only this, but I have to clean my office on a regular basis. While in college, we were allowed to use the classrooms as studio space whenever class was not in session. This meant that while our own rooms could be as messy as can be, we always had a clean studio space to work in. And I’m not sure about the rest of you guys, but both my physical workspace and my digital one need to be tidy for me to work productively.

Do one thing everyday that makes you happy | The Creative Gym |

This is what The Creative Gym strives to do. They strive to be the middleman who connects you to the various spaces where everything you need is right where you need it. It is certainly a better alternative to investing a lot of money for a project when you are not even sure you’ll are going to enjoy the project that you have been dreaming of. The concept of The Creative Gym, as mentioned in their Mission Statement, also encourages individuals to try new mediums of art to express themselves without the risk.

As I discussed in my  Artist’s Way Adventure: Week 1 The Shadow Artist, everyone has an ‘inner artist’ within them. We all have the potential to be creative, but few of us ever do. This is especially true as the years pass and the responsibilities of life pile up. This is why I support The Creative Gym wholeheartedly. I believe that with The Creative Gym, people can easily find places to express their creativity or find new ways to express their artistic side.

The Creative Gym wants to become known as the “Airbnb” of the art world.

Image how awesome it would be if you wanted to see what nearby places have figure drawing classes? Or where there are studios that not only have a recording booth but also have a mixer on board to help a budding musician? What if you could use an app or a website to do this all in the comfort of your home before leaving?

That is what The Creative Gym wants to create out of their mission statement. That is their goal that they want to achieve by the end of this year. They want to make booking a class or a studio space as easy as getting a room for your vacation. There’s no need to search through dozens and dozens of outdated websites or Google pages to see if there are any local classes near you, all you have to do is use The Creative Gym’s services and then you are one step closer to exercising your creative muscles.

Want to learn more?

Feel free to go on their to learn more about The Creative Gym, their origins, and their future.

They also started a Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram which you can follow to see all their updates. After all, while they are mainly a group devoted to connecting the artist to a studio, they also promote local artists in the New York City area. They want their budding community to grow and plan to help artists not only discover great places to express their art, but also to create a community where artists could meet other artists.



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