These are prompts available for you to get out of your ‘creative block’ and start creating.

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Prompt #1

A reaction to a transformation, it can be physical or mental or both


A sibling rivalry turned into a fight

Prompt #2

Opposing lovers make it work


Things aren’t what they seem

Prompt #3

Saying goodbye without saying “goodbye”


Describe the color ‘Red’, ‘Blue’ and/or ‘Green’ to someone who has never seen color

Prompt #4

Being mistaken for someone else


Finding the silver lining to a situation/place/ect.

Prompt #5

Overcoming the darkness


Numbers is your superpower

Prompt #6

The villanious moment


Choose a phobia, write a character who has it

Prompt #7

Create an origin story


Showcase personality through interaction

Prompt #8

Make a mountain out of a molehill


Make a molehill out of a mountain

Prompt #9

Hypothetically speaking


Playing with fire

Prompt #10

Write something from a child’s point of view


Describe or explain something fictional and how or why it works/exists

Prompt #11

Take a simple action, make it descriptive and visual


Write outside of your comfort zone

Prompt #12

A Walk in the park


Kids these days

Prompt #13

The fourth wall will not protect the narrator


Unreliable narrator

Prompt #14

Spectrum of emotions


Modern day fairy tale

Prompt #15

Price of immortality


Through sickness and health

Prompt #16

A whole new world


I’ll make a man out of you

Prompt #17

Protagonist and antagonist switch roles


Change genre of a well-known story

Prompt #18




Prompt #19

Campfire stories


Victim of bad press

Prompt #20

Last man on Earth


Sitting alone in a room

Prompt #21

One more time


Face to face

Prompt #22

Breaking point



Prompt #23

Harder to breathe


Makes me wonder

Prompt #24

Write a romantic story between a blind character and a mute character


All I want for the new year is

Prompt #25

Missed Connections:

If you go to Craigslist, there is a “Missed Connections” section where you can find some interesting storylines to inspire your writing. Pick one of those comments.


Write a story based off of a table top game / board game

Prompt #26

Lovers and violence


Guns and dogs

Prompt #27

Tell me why


There is a prison where there are no guards, yet the prisoners are too afraid to try and escape

Prompt #28

Love you better


Can’t be tamed