Here is a page full of resources for the creative and entrepreneurial mind. This page is updated on a weekly basis and any suggestions for new additions are more than welcome. Everything that is listed is non-affiliated meaning that there are no biases with these suggestions.

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Is a mindmaps online software that requires no download to use. There is a free version and a paid version so you get what you pay for. The free version allows you to come up with various mind maps to help organize your projects from start to finish. The best part is that there are several templates to pick from that walk you through the process or if you feel confident enough to tackle it on your own, there are plain ones as well.


Trello requires no download to use and is free. The free version allows you to create ‘boards’ where you can put tasks, assign them to team members, and lay out your ‘battle plan’ for whatever projects you are working on. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and responsibilites can be shared amongst the team. Naturally you get what you paid for so a lot of the aesthetical options such as ‘aging tasks’ will cost you so it does not hurt to give the website a shot and pay if you feel like you are getting value from it.



Wunderlist is an amazing and free service to list all your to-dos and it is cross-platform! You can use it on the web without installation, you can have it on your phone, and you can even share lists with others to get even more work done! What is best is that unlike other free services, Wunderlist does not have a limit (that I’m aware of) when it comes to creating folders for your to-do lists.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign Advice: Folder Management

Adobe InDesign Advice: How to Use Stylesheets

Time Savers

4 Ways to Save Your Work, Digitally & Traditionally


This paid service allows you to do a multitude of things on social media. It allows you to queue posts ahead of time for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media, it provides classes to better manage all your social media channels, and it allows you to collaborate with other people in your group without the hassle of sharing passwords.


This is a time saving online application that allows you to make automated tasks that give you more time to do what you love (art) while you let the program post on all your social media sites for you. How does it do that? It connects to all your accounts (twitter, gmail, tumblr, ect) and you pick what you want automated. It’s a glorious tool and the best part is that it’s free!



Is a website I highly recommend if you want to self-publish your own work. You can use one of their templates that is compatible with InDesign and the best part is that you can check the price as you fill up the pages. It’s an easy to use site, you can also sell the books that you create on the site itself and there are many options to take your creation and sell them on other platforms (i.e. Amazon).